Summer Camps


Aureus Summer Camp

The Aureus Summer Camp is near! Aureus Academy will be holding several multi-day programmes in which students will receive individual lessons on their instruments, group lessons on new instruments,classes to sharpen their musical knowledge , performance opportunities, and a chance to work in a collaborative setting with other musicians.

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Sample Timetable

DAY 1 Group 1   Group 2 (uppers)
Time Activity Venue Activity Venue
0830-0900 Registration R/RS Registration R/RS
0900-0915 Ice-Breakers CH Ice-Breakers CH
0915-0945 An Instrument A Day Studios 1-9 An Instrument A Day Studios 1-9
0945-1015 Instr. Exploration: Practical CH Theory S6
1010-1045 Theory S6 Instr. Exploration: Practical CH
1045-1100 Break R/RS Break R/RS
1100-1130 Solo/Studio Master-Class Studios 1-9 Solo/Studio Master-Class Studios 1-9
1130-1200 Solo/Studio Master-Class Studios 1-9 Solo/Studio Master-Class Studios 1-9
1200-1300 Lunch R/RS Lunch R/RS
1300-1335 Musical Storytelling CH Musical Storytelling CH
1335-1410 Musical Storytelling CH Musical Storytelling CH
1410-1425 Break R/RS Break R/RS
1425-1500 Solo Warm-up/Stage Etiquette CH Solo Warm-up/Stage Etiquette CH
1500-1540 Concert (Students) CH Concert (Students) CH
1540-1550 Concert (Teachers) CH Concert (Teachers) CH
1550-1600 Concerts (Musical Storytelling) CH Concerts (Musical Storytelling) CH

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