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The highly anticipated Spring Camp is back and it’s better than ever!

Featuring newly designed programmes by our top teachers at Aureus Academy, you will not want to miss it!  Join us and plunge into fun-filled music activities at the Aureus Spring Camp this year! We will be hosting multi-day programmes that will surely jump-start every participant’s interest towards music making whether they are beginners, advanced, or with no musical background at all!

New sessions include Dalcroze-Eurhythmics and Orff Percussion programmes that will allow participants to play a wide variety of instruments, groove to exciting rhythms and perform in an interactive atmosphere!

15th – 17th March – Spring Camp Session I (Westgate)
3rd – 7th April – Spring Camp Session II (Forum)
12th – 14th April – Spring Camp Session III (Forum)

Spring Camp Activities

Click below to see a list of Spring Camp activities being featured in our Spring Camp!