Piano Rental - Aureus Academy Singapore

Aureus Academy is delighted to announce that piano rentals will be available from February 2017! All of our pianos have been hand-selected and shipped in directly from Japan’s most reputable suppliers.

Why Rent a Piano?

Renting a piano allows you the flexibility of having a real piano in your home, without having to commit to a large purchase from the beginning. The low upfront costs reduce the risk of whether or not the instrument is right for you and your family.

In addition to having the flexibility of not making a large upfront payment, Aureus allows you to place your first 4 months of rental towards the purchase of the instrument, allowing you to save on costs should you be interested in purchasing the instrument.

How much does a piano cost to rent?

Our pianos vary from $105 – $214 per month, depending on the make, model and brand. Every single one of our pianos meet a certain standard, and we will be able to find an ideal piano based on your needs.

How do I rent a piano?

Speak to any centre administrator and they will arrange an appointment for you to visit our showroom in Forum to view the variety of pianos.

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