Piano Retail Programme - Aureus Academy Singapore

Aureus Academy is Singapore’s fastest growing and trusted piano supplier, committed to providing high-quality instruments at a cost-effective price. We have both acoustic and digital pianos available for rental and purchase depending on one’s need. All our instruments have been individually-selected and endorsed by our piano department for students of all levels. Our pianos are Japanese-made brands (i.e Yamaha and Korg) that are used by many professional artists, ensuring you will have a chance to enjoy a world-class instrument in the comfort of your house.

Why Rent a Piano?

Renting a piano allows you the flexibility of having an instrument in your home, without having to book a private studio or investing a large sum from the beginning. The low upfront costs reduce the risk of whether or not the instrument is right for you and your family. In addition to having the flexibility of not making a large upfront payment, Aureus allows you to place your first 4 months of rental towards the purchase of the instrument, allowing you to save on costs should you be interested in purchasing the instrument that you are renting.

How much does a piano cost to rent or buy?

Our rental pianos vary from $105 – $214 per month, depending on the make, model and brand. Every single one of our rental pianos meet a certain standard, and we will be able to find an ideal piano based on your needs.

Our starting price for a basic piano purchase is $3500+ and all rental instruments will be accompanied with a brand-new bench.

How can I view the collection of pianos?

You can now set a viewing appointment of our showrooms located at 12 Tai Seng Link, #04-02 (see the booking widget on the right side.) Alternatively, call our main line 62356488 or drop by to any of our centres and our front desk admin would be delighted to assist.

Event Rental

We now provide a range of pianos (upright, grand and digital) to cater special occasions. Please fill out below form should you like to get a quotation.

If you have further queries, feel free to fill out the form below and our team will get back to you shortly!

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