30 & 45 Min Lessons

  • One-to-One

  • 30 min or 45 min cello lessons once a week

  • Well-known methods or for leisure

  • Lessons are designed to be fun and rewarding

  • Age 5+

60 Min Lessons

  • One-to-One

  • 60 min cello lessons once a week

  • Well-known methods or for leisure

  • Lessons are designed to be fun and challenging

  • Age 7+

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Cello Lessons - Aureus Academy Singapore

Aureus Academy now has cello lessons available! Students can choose if they would like to learn well-known methods or for leisure. Whether your child is 5 years old, or you are looking for lessons yourself, Aureus Academy’s cello teachers can guide you on your musical journey. You can choose whether you are interested in classical, pop, rock, or even jazz! Aureus Academy teachers are highly qualified and couples a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree with a wealth of performing and teaching experience.

Cello, abbreviated from the full name ‘violoncello’, has a beautiful, deep, and powerful tone. A versatile instrument, the cello is found not only in western classical orchestras, but has become a fixture in Chinese orchestra, as well as becoming increasingly popular in pop and rock music. Some famous names you might have heard of include Yo-Yo Ma, Jacqueline du Pre, Steven Isserlis, and the Croatian-Slovenian cellist duo 2CELLOS.

Benefits of learning the cello

Research by psychologists at the University of Zurich has found that learning to play a musical instrument can help with brain development by increasing one’s IQ by as much as seven points!

Learning to play the cello (or any other musical instrument) not only boosts music and brain development but also child development – it teaches children to be more self-disciplined and attentive. These are all traits that contribute to better academic performance, which thus makes children brighter and thus speeds up your child’s development in other areas as well such as sports and emotional dealings with other people.

The good news is, however, that the benefits of music lessons are not only applicable to those who start young – adults can experience in brain development! The same research team from Zurich also found that even those past the age of 65 who would start playing and instrument and practice an hour a week for four or five months exhibited ‘strong changes in the brain’.

Why not give cello lessons a try? Start your musical journey with Aureus Academy today and sign up for your free cello trial!