Individual Music Lessons & Classes- Aureus Academy Singapore

If you are looking for music lessons in Singapore, then look no further! Aureus Academy currently has thousands of students enrolled in our one-to-one music lessons! We believe this is one of the best environments to instil a love for music while developing fundamental skills such as technique, posture, and focus.

Aureus Academy provides music lessons across a myriad of instruments including Piano, Violin, Guitar, Voice, Drums and more. Register for your free trial lessons here!

Piano Lessons

Piano lessons are Aureus Academy’s most popular instrumental course! Whether your child is 4 years old, or you are looking for lessons yourself …

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Vocal Lessons

Sing your heart out with vocal lessons at Aureus Academy Singapore! Our teachers are able to work with both very young children and adults, no matter …

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Violin Lessons

Aureus Academy violin teachers are able to work with young children and adults at any level!  Whether you’re just starting out on Suzuki or playing …

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Guitar Lessons

Get ready to rock with guitar lessons at Aureus Academy! Whether you’re just starting out and strumming a few chords or shredding some …

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Cello Lessons

Aureus Academy now has cello lessons available! Students can choose if they would like to learn Suzuki, ABRSM, and other well-known methods. Whether …

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Drum Lessons

By popular demand, Aureus Academy is officially launching drum lessons at our Forum the Shopping Mall Centre. Drum lessons will be available …

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Brass Lessons

Brass lessons are one of Aureus Academy’s most exciting instrumental courses! Be enchanted by the timbres of the Trumpet, French Horn or Trombone …

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Music Exploration Lessons

Expose your brilliant toddler to the joys of music making at a very young age! The Musical Toddlers classes are packed with activities that center on …

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