Myths of Learning Music

You would have heard by now some myths surrounding music learning. We are here to share our thoughts and debunk the myths!

“Only naturally talented people can learn music”
It is true some people seem to have the aptitude in playing music and natural musicianship skills such as having good coordination, listening skills and good sense of pitch & rhythm.

However, we believe that all children have equal potential, and while certain aptitudes or strengths may manifest themselves in different ways, it is the responsibility of the teacher to help discover and develop natural talent. When students are very young, we recommend learning the piano or violin in an individual setting as they are excellent instruments for developing a strong foundation.

Music is a fundamental part of what makes us human. The benefits of learning a musical instrument are too many to number! By learning a musical instrument, students develop motor skills, cognitive abilities, discipline and are able to broaden their emotional horizons. We fundamentally believe that learning a musical instrument can have a tremendous number of benefits in your life, even if you choose a completely different profession. Many of the world’s greatest minds and leaders, such as Albert Einstein, Bill Clinton and recent Nobel Laureate (Nobel Prize for Medicine 2013) Dr. Thomas Sudhof all emphasize how important learning a musical instrument was to achieving their great successes.

“Learning an instrument is hard”
This point is rather subjective as there is no exact scale to measure the difficulty of learning music in comparison to learning other things. It is a similar concept as learning how to spell and read when you were younger.

Some instruments are slightly easier to learn such as the Ukulele and there are difficult instruments to learn such as the Violin. Starting a routine that is new to you will take time to adapt. However, investing your time in doing something new has its rewards later in time. Practice eventually leads to progress, even if it is slow sometimes. Anyone can learn music!

“Only privileged or ‘wealthy’ people can learn music”
We can agree that music classes can burn a hole in our pocket – to a certain extent. However, there are so many other ways to learn music now such as phone applications and step-by-step tutorial videos on YouTube. Some are even available for free!

Having said that however, enrolling for music lessons is highly recommended if you take learning your craft seriously. Being tutored and nurtured by musicians and educators who can not only teach you new musical skills, but also provide professional advice and holistic learning. Look at it as an investment as it benefits you. This brings me to my next point:

“Learning music is only for kids”
Adults tend to have this idea that music classes are only for children. Yes, it is ideal to start at a young age but it is never too late to learn something!

One of the benefits of learning music (even as an adult) is that it enhances your memory skills. The nerve fibres that connect the two sides of your brain become larger and stronger in time. Over a period of time, this can have be a long-term effect and you will find yourself picking it up faster.

The advantage of learning music as an adult is that one goes in with a mature attitude and an open mind in comparison to learning at a younger age. With enough practice, your rate of progress will be faster.

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