Aureus Explorer Programme Summer 2018

The Aureus Explorer Programme is back at all Aureus locations!  

A fun holiday programme designed both for students with no musical background who wish to explore a new instrument and current students who are interested in picking up a second instrument.

This summer is the perfect opportunity for you/your child to pick up a new instrument through this programme, which consists of 4 sessions of 30 or 45 minutes lessons. These 4 lessons would be conducted in a small group setting of students divided according to their age and instrument of choice.

Enjoy a complimentary instrument* upon enrolment! Course fee: $199 – $339 (varies by instrument).

Dates for this summer’s Explorer programme are as follows:

Session I: 4th – 8th June
Session II: 18th – 22nd June
Session III: 2nd – 6th July

Don’t miss it! Limited complimentary items available so book your slot today!

*Terms and Conditions Apply