We are celebrating our 4th Birthday!

We are extremely excited to be celebrating our 4th year, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank our amazing customers for joining us in this journey together!

As part of our celebrations, we are offering our most attractive prepayment promotions yet! Enjoy up to 10% off music lessons for the entire year! 

The Prepayment Promotion has now been extended to 5th October 2017 due to popular demand! See below for a more detailed breakdown: 

Terms and Conditions: 

  • Valid at our 6 facilities (Forum, Rochester Mall, I12 Katong, AMK Hub, Westgate, Eastpoint) as well as Aureus @ Home Lessons.
  • Promotion is non-refundable.
  • Valid for payment made by 5th October 2017.
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Prepayment Options (required)
6 Months12 Months


Validity of Promotions?
The promotion is only valid for customers at our 6 facilities (Forum, Rochester Mall, I12 Katong, AMK Hub, Westgate, Eastpoint) in addition to Aureus @ Home Lessons and not for Aureus Academy’s contract programmes/international schools.

Are there refunds?
There will be strictly no refunds. The Pre-Payment is a promotion in view of our 4th Anniversary and it is not compulsory, so you have to decide whether or not you would like the discount from the promotion!

What about my make ups?
Similar to normal lessons, as long as you continue after the pre-payment the make up lessons will continue. If not, any make ups need to be completed before the end of the pre-payment period.

What if we have to move suddenly?

We understand you sometimes don’t have control over this. We will do our best to find a solution, but our pre-payment plan is a promotion so we will not be able to refund any unused lessons. Previously, we’ve had customer’s friends take over the lessons and the friend would pay the customer moving back, for example.

What if the teacher switches?
Aureus does not change teachers very often as we have a minimal turnover of our staff. If we change the teacher as a staff member leaves, we will have a transition where the new teacher will sit in the lessons with the existing teacher before taking over. However, there’s no refunds should you want to cease lessons as this is a promotion which is not compulsory to be taken on. 

What if I’d like to downgrade/upgrade my lesson duration?
As this is a promotional package, unfortunately we will not be allowing any downgrading (i.e. from 45 to 30-min lesson packages) of classes. However, lesson upgrades can take effect via a one-time upgrade of the deposit (i.e. from 30 to 45-min) and we will calculate the remaining amount of lesson credits left in the prepayment to convert into additional extensions of lessons accordingly.