If you would like to book one of our studios for an ABRSM practice session, please select from the options below. Before booking, please note a few things:

  • Simply click on the studio you’d like to book.
  • You can book 1 hour at a time. For a block of bookings (multiple hours in a row), you can book it online by following the same booking process multiple times.
  • Bookings are only allowed 4 weeks in advanced. 
  • Your booking needs to be approved on our end, but full payment will be made prior to confirmation.
  • If the confirmation is not possible, we will offer other times. If no time is possible, then we will issue a full a refund back to your card.
  • Change of booking must be requested at least 48 hours in advanced and is subject to availability.
  • If the booking is confirmed, there will be no refunds.
  • The studio piano is subject to change based on any issues that arise. Although it is unlikely, there have been instances where the piano had to be changed due to faults such as a string breaking, pedal being faulty, key stickiness, or other issues. If the piano is changed from your rental to the exam, there will be no refunds as the change of the piano is out of our control and is subject to the ABRSM Examiners. 

Studio 11A

Piano Model: Yamaha U10A 4975549

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Studio 8E

Piano Model: Yamaha U30A 5256414

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Studio 1N

Piano Model: Yamaha UX5 4165140

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Studio 9W

Piano Model: Yamaha U1 J25153781

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Studio 6R

Piano Model: Yamaha U3X 2196640

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Studio 5S

Piano Model: Yamaha YU3S 5832500

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United Square

Studio 10U

Piano Model: Yamaha YU3S 5831849

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